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    I don’t recall seeing the photos you mentioned below but I’m sure we have others that we could share. I’ll look through mine and ask my Mom and sisters to do the same. Two of my sisters graduated a few years earlier than Larry and me so they should have some photos from late 50’s and early 60’s.

    I spoke to Larry this morning and he said to tell you hi. He also said that he hopes life has treated you well and that you’re happy. We all wish that for you.
    • CommentAuthorAunt B
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Pam :
    How wonderful to see you on here. Please say Hello to Larry for me. I sat next to him in a few classes. I had sort of a crush on him but I tried to keep him from knowing it. Tell him I'm the one he used to copy homework from. He finally got around to asking me "out" --- I think we were going to drive around or whatever --- and I was so thrilled but then there was a death in my family and I had to be out of town that weekend and he never asked me again. Darn him anyway. But I remember that blue thing he used to drive around in. I can believe he won't spend money on a computer. He was already tight when he was in high school. I think that was why he only asked me out once. He was afraid he might have to spend money on something at Finley's. Just kidding!!! Tell him Hello.
    • CommentAuthorKnowitall9
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2009
    O K guys , break time - Let us dummy's add some nonsense - I could and still can read and write a complete sentence without misteaks - L D probably wont be getting a 'puter 'til (and if) he gets back from the rally - He caused me to crack a rib , gettin' old blue ready for the trip - AND , we are working on a project , that , when finished , will give him enough material to type on for a solid year - But , he can't tell anyone anything , so , he might as well not have one of these 'puters - Thanx for listening , and , HAND -

    ( Have A Nice Day )
    • CommentAuthorAunt B
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2009
    I have no idea what you just said. I'm beginning to worry about you.
    Does anybody else remember the time Mr. Gosser tried to get Barbara Flynn to have her feet shortened? You all remember how she was always so serious about everything and did not take teasing very well. So she's in the cafeteria sort of limping and making a pained expression with every step. Remember how the teachers all ate at their own table. As she came limping past their table Mr. Gosser asked her what was wrong. She said she had a new pair of shoes and they must be too small because they hurt her feet. So Gosser says drop your tray off and come back and let me check you out. So he has her one by one put each foot up on a chair and takes off her shoe and feels her feet all over very scientifically. Then he pats her feet, looks up, and says Barbara, the problem is not with your shoes. The shoes are fine. Your legs are the right size and your shoes are the right size. It's your feet which are the problem. What's the problem with my feet? asks Barbara. They're too big, Gosser explains. By now everybody is watching this whole procedure. WHAT? says Barbara. Too big, Gosser repeats. Your feet are too big. Higgins, Omlor, Overbey, all the teachers are staring really hard at their chile and gritting their teeth keeping a straight face. Oh, that's just ridiculous, says Barbara. I never heard of such a thing. No, No, says Gosser, it happens a lot. Kids' feet just grow too big. After school today, just call your doctor and make an appointment and he can shorten them. You'll have to stay off your feet for a few days, but you should be back at school by next week. And you can keep these shoes. Behind her back, the guys are all about to die laughing but trying to keep quiet. Barbara stomps out of the cafeteria. After school that day, Mr. Overbey says to Barbara as she leaves the building, So do we figure you'll be absent for the rest of the week? Why would I be absent, asks Barbara. To get your feet shortened, says Mr. Overbey. Ohhhhhhh, Barbara says and stomps off to the parking lot. That was one of the few times Mr. Higgins actually thought one of the jokes the teachers pulled was funny. Usually, he only thought his own jokes were funny. Which, of course, they usually were not.
    • CommentAuthorRedd Ryder
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2009
    Three months later, let me respond to that comment by Color Purple. Boy ain't that the Truth. Old Higgins would tell some corny joke and just have a great time laughing and cackling and his eyes would light up and if he was sitting he'd slap his knee and shake all over. And we'd look at each other and go "Huh?" Because none of his jokes were funny. Not even a little bit funny. The only thing funny about them was that he thought they were funny. So we'd laugh and laugh and he thought we were laughing at his joke and he never understood we were laughing at HIM. We would also laugh at the WAY he laughed. He'd shake all over and his arms and legs would be spazzing out in all directions and he was just having this great time. He was a trip.
    • CommentAuthorAunt B
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2009
    Here we are approaching another Halloween. I used to love Halloween back in Ferguson. In some ways it was kind of wild and kind of scary, but we sure had fun. Remember how we always set the Gym up and had a big celebration and somebody would be fixed up like they were dead and lay in that old coffin and scare all the little kids. Meanwhile, the high school kids would be out doing God Knows What : sawing down trees across the highway, pushing outhouses over the hill, jacking up somebody's car, taking the wheels all the way off and lowering the hubs all the way down to the pavement and hiding the wheels off in the weeds somewhere.
    • CommentAuthorGeezer
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2009
    You got that right. Halloween was a great holiday. Things really got wild. I remember we used to wait til about 2 in the morning and then take stuff from yards and porches. We'd drive around in somebody's pickup truck and collect lawn chairs, pedal cars, rakes, shovels, lawnmowers, flower pots, porch swings, fence gates, barrels, screen doors, just anything at all that we could lift and move in a hurry and if we had to unscrew a hinge or unbolt something that was ok, too. We'd load it all in the pickup and then choose a spot and pile it all up there. A few times we piled it all in front of the post office door and they spent all the next day unstacking it and carrying everything back to the owner. Finally the friendly neighborhood officer parked in front of the post office so we chose somebody's front yard and stacked it all there. We'd be getting home from school the next day and people would be asking if we knew anything about that pile of stuff that showed up in Old Lady Cundiff's yard. None of us ever knew anything about it.
    Shame On You. We were one of the families you stole stuff from. Every year. We'd be looking all over town for our screen door, or our porch swing, or whatever, and then since we didn't have a pickup truck, we had to hand carry it two blocks back home. I was usually the one who got assigned to go find it and bring it back. If I'd known who you were at the time I would have looked you up and beat you.

    What I remember is at school we'd make stuff and decorate the windows and everything. School LOOKED LIKE Halloween. Today schools don't decorate all up for the holidays. We don't want kids to have any fun anymore. But our school focused around all the holidays.
    • CommentAuthorRedd Ryder
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2009
    When we were kids too young to drive, it was quite the Dare on Halloween to run through the cemetery. It didn't matter which cemetery. The bigger the better because it took longer to run through and there were more chances for someone to reach up out of a grave and grab you. I remember doing it and about halfway through I absolutely panicked and was sure I would get grabbed by some horrible come back to life creature with flesh hanging off it. One of us, maybe Dougie Strunk, tripped halfway across and we were horrified. So it was all true. The Undead would reach up and grab people. We all ran the other way. So Dougie got to the other side and then not only had to run back around the cemetery (no way he was coming back through it) but then had to chase us down the street. We were all in pretty good shape from basketball, so we could run a fair distance before stopping for breath. Dougie had had to run across the cemetery, back around it, then chase us, the whole way terrified each step would be his last. We were laying there on the grass panting and I still remember when he came up to us his face was white as a sheet. It's a wonder he didn't have a heart attack at age 11 or 12 whatever we were.
    • CommentAuthorghozt
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2009
    Great website!! Attended Ferguson as an elementary school from the late 60's until mid 70's before attending Meece Middle. Seeing the pictures of teachers and the school brings back some great memories. Some of my classmates included Chuck Wood, Lynn Turpin, the Richardson twins, Mark Wiles, teachers were Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Eastam, Mrs Holt, Mr Henley , Kerrie Cowan and David Cowan. Seems like a life time ago.
    • CommentAuthorRedd Ryder
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2009
    Did you have David Cowan over at Meece Middle?
    • CommentAuthorghozt
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2009
    No, David Cowan transferred to PC, teaching math. I went from Meece Middle to Somerset.
    • CommentAuthorRedd Ryder
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2009
    So when did you have David Cowan as a teacher? He left Ferguson after the 1965-66 school year and you said you were at Fergusonin the late 60s and early 70s.
    • CommentAuthorghozt
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2009
    David Cowan taught 7th grade math, the year was either 74 or 75. He left at the end of one of those years, teaching at PC.
    • CommentAuthorNancy
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2009
    You have done an amazing job with this web-site. How can anyone ever thank you enough, we can't. Anyone who was or is affiliated with Ferguson has to have tears rolling down their face after looking at all the pictures..I have just looked at all the " Wonderful " photo's of the shops,the trains,the Whistle Stop in Elihu.I am so so sad that we somehow lost all this..As children,we were unaware of the jobs this place provided,we simply assumed,as in life,that it would always Just be there..Fourty-fifty years later you bring it back to us.From my heart to yours,I thank you.To all who have submitted pictures,I thank you..
    I realize now,in the Autumn of my life,how fleeting time is.We look back and humbly think,has it been that long,where has the time gone,and we then know what we should have done,should have said,and realize it is to late.
    • CommentAuthorbones
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2012
    Wow I stumbled onto this site, looking for family photos and old pics of Somerset and once I started reading I couldn't stop. So many great memories. My mom graduated from Ferguson, me and my two oldest brothers attended but the high school had already ended by my 8th grade year. I remember walking from Gover lane, past 'the horse', past Muncies, to the cut through under the fence and across the RR tracks. My goodness if kids today did that most parent would be horrified! I even remember putting pennies on the tracks and waiting to see if we could find it after the train left!!. I remember dodge ball in the gym and Coach Cowan, loved him!. Mr Overbee was the principal,Ms. Hamm was my first grade teacher, Ms. Gregory, Ms. Miller, Molly Hamilton (dang if that leather strap didn't hurt the ol bottom), Ms. Holt and Ms. Henderson. The talent contest and that auditorium! I still have a scar on my leg where we were at recess and I rolled over a broken coke bottle. That hurt, but not half as much as my pride when my mom saw that my 'stockings' were ruined!! Oh those were the days! Haney's pond,Ferguson Baptist Church, football behind the Sewell's on Sundays, Bike Rides down Murphy, Hyden's and that big counter with all that candy!!!! And I remember the hard times as well. We had great neighbors that helped us out in so many ways after the store was robbed. Don't know how we made it, but there was sure alot of people that helped us all get back on our feet. It's hard to find neighbors like that or even people like that anymore. So glad I found this site!
    • CommentAuthorBlondie9
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2012
    Blondie 9
    Been so long since I have been here, used to be a daily thing to do sure is a nice website.
    Then came facebook for most of us and took everbody away. Now It's beginning to get boring ,have to go back to topics and read all the goosip!!
    • CommentAuthorRedd Ryder
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2012
    I was at a meeting yesterday and after we finished and were sitting around relaxing with a soft drink, the topic drifted to Science Hill. I learned that they're well along in preparations to create a high school out there. They'll keep it small, about 100-150 students. Anyone from Pulaski or Lincoln Counties can apply and they'll admit kids based on test scores, grades, recommendations and an interview. Science Hill kids will be admitted automatically. Other kids will pay tuition. I got to thinking that if the Charter School thing had been available back in 1960, that's what Ralph Duncan and John Burton would have done. They would have teamed up with H. T. Higgins and Mr. Overbey and set Ferguson up as a Charter School, with admission automatic for kids living in Ferguson and open to outside kids who paid tuition. We had a lot to offer, with a nice gym, nice auditorium, nice library, central location (a lot better than Science Hill), good teachers and nice buildings. 50 years too late. Too bad. I bet it would have worked. Hope it works for Science Hill.